We believe in the power of storytelling. Great brands appeal to consumers on both an intellectual and emotional level. Building a brand requires a blend of insightful strategy, technology know-how, and bold creativity—to know what your audience wants and then to give them more than they could ever imagine.

From marketing strategy to implementation across all channels and technology, our creative work is designed to turn your audience into fans, and from fans into advocates.
Brand & Go-to-Market Strategy

We believe in the power of storytelling. This is what differentiates you from the competition. All of our creative work is rooted in a brand strategy designed to turn your audience into fans, and fans into advocates.

Building a brand requires a blend of insightful strategy and bold creativity:

  • Build the Marketing Foundation
  • Brand Research and Audit
  • Define and Develop the GTM Strategy
  • Build your Brand Essence: Positioning: mission, vision, values, and unique value proposition; Identifying target audience and customer segmentation.
  • Voice of Brand Messaging
  • Brand Creative and Design
  • Brand Management
Content Marketing Strategy

Eminence realizes the power of the message. Digital marketing changed the equation, allowing you to own your own narrative. Where most companies fall short is that they think creating good content is enough. The right content drives affinity, and traffic, and converts leads into revenue. We pinpoint the sweet spot, bringing focus to your business story and crystallizing your key messages.

  • Identify/audit key channels and mediums
  • Launch and optimize new channels
  • Conduct SEO research
  • Content Development
  • Long and short form for distribution and amplification
  • Digital Campaigns: Set-up & Manage Content 
  • Editorial Calendar: Articles, posts
  • Blog, Promo pages
  • Social Media
  • Email Drip campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Drive MQL’s and Conversions
Executive Visibility & Thought Leadership

We develop your platform and deliver customized research, content, media, PR, and creative services. We identify topics, channels, and mediums and produce:

  • Bylines
  • Blogs
  • Shareholder Communications
  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Keynote and Board Presentations
  • Membership Opportunities
Communications Strategy

Corporate Communications:

  • Advertorials & Public Relations
  • Events: Town Halls, Sales Meetings
  • Employee Engagement
  • DEIB Focused Strategies
  • CSR development
  • Annual reports
  • Crisis Management
Workshop Design & Development
  • Branding/Positioning
  • Target Audience/Group Segmentation
  • Pre-Workshop Research & Surveys
  • SWOT Analysis for a Workshop Series
  • Session Development: topics, flow, participants, exercises
  • Measurement/Surveys
  • Post Event Plan: CTA and Follow-up
Web Design & Development
  • Website & SEO Audit and Core web vitals
  • Website Architecture
  • Web Design – Wireframe, responsive design, UI/UX
  • Hosting
  • ADA Compliance
  • Google Analytics 4
  • UI/UX
  • API development and optimization
  • Website Refresh
  • Web Promotions
Sales Presentation & Collateral
  • Brochures
  • Product Flyers and Mailers
  • Presentations and Capabilities Deck
  • Scripts
Digital Marketing

Your website is your virtual business home. But your digital presence is what feeds your business – so they all have to work together. Consumer-centricity is the only thing that can reliably guide and prioritize these to profitability. Customers want better information, more education, greater utility, and sometimes a bit of quality entertainment that helps them make informed decisions about products and services. 

We’re here to make sure your content does this job — and does it well.

Services Include:

  • Digital Footprint Audit
  • Social Media
  • Video Development & Editing
  • Email Marketing: Drip campaigns, messaging, GDPR and CanSpam compliant
  • SEO: Keyword research and recommendations to increase organic search
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Google Ad Words
Design & Creative Services

At a time when image is king, how is your brand working for you? We can help you with:

  • Full Set of Brand Assets
  • Video Creation
  • Social Media Refresh
  • Advertising
  • Print materials
  • Packaging Design