Our mission

We are on a mission to build brands and reputations.
We work with companies to develop strategic content platforms
to engage the right audiences at the right time.

What makes us different

We don’t create integrated marketing campaigns for the sake of it.
We work with you to develop a customized strategy
that will elevate your brand while driving growth.

If you have trouble answering the questions below, we can help you.

1. Does your brand clearly communicate what you are about
and convey the highest value you deliver?

2. Does your brand effectively differentiate you
from every other supplier in your marketplace?

3. Is your brand promise well understood and consistently executed
at all levels of your organization?

4. Is your brand identity being properly used in all media?

Who We Advise

We work with organizations who want to stand out from the crowd
and realize that the foundation starts with a unique value proposition.
We work across a diverse spectrum of industries,
from start-ups to established brands to niche businesses.

Who we are

We believe in quality over quantity. Alignment before action.
Signal above noise. And having a strategy that drives results.
We build and launch brands that engage customers,
enhance audience awareness and increase sales.

A strong brand, product, or service is merely the starting point.
It takes an actionable, integrated, and well-vetted marketing strategy
to bring your brand to market impactfully and effectively.
We will work with you to build an engaging, clear and concise brand story
that is easy for your customers to understand, and then apply it
across the board, so you can stay focused on what you do best
— running your business.

The team
Maria Rosati
CEO & Founder
Maria Rosati
CEO & Founder

Maria Rosati is a recognized communications and marketing expert focused on financial services, fintech, start-ups and wealth management. She has a track record in developing and implementing strategic marketing programs to help brands generate revenue through well-crafted lead generation programs that ensure her client’s messages reach the right people at the right time.

Maria’s background includes more than 25-years of experience working with client’s in the B2B and B2C space. She was an early adopter of emerging technology, understanding how content strategy, distribution and lead generation are the key metrics for growing revenue for her client’s businesses.

Throughout her career, Maria has been active in new business development from small to mid-size organizations in which she is known for being ahead of the curve and embracing new trends or tapping into business that are changing the current landscape. As a thought leader, she is always looking at new and creative ways to improve tried and true methods to develop more efficient processes, with emphasis on utilizing the latest technology.

Prior to starting Eminence Communications, Maria worked at Legg Mason, a leading global asset manager, for more than ten years in which she spearheaded the firms efforts to integrate marketing and communication to create a robust content platform. She joined Legg Mason from Citi’s Global Wealth Management practice where she helped elevate brand awareness around the firm’s philanthropy and investment capabilities. Earlier in her career she worked in Mexico City helping multi-national clients, post NAFTA, to market their products to a new and emerging economy in Mexico.

Maria has spent her career both on the agency side and in-house working across all areas of communications including investor relations, digital marketing, media relations, social media, content strategy, crisis communications and message development with the goal of building, maintaining and enhancing her client’s corporate reputations.

Julie Tyler
Principal, Digital Marketing
Julie Tyler
Principal, Digital Marketing

Julie has more than 15 years of marketing experience in enterprise, start-up, organizations at all stages of growth. She is a CDPM (Certified Digital Marketing Professional) and is innovative with broad expertise defining a digital vision, and building, implementing, and managing effective strategies and operations.

Her experience involves leading clients to a clear brand identity and increased customer loyalty. She excels at building successful marketing platforms, data driven lead generation, content management systems and processes. Her digital transformation approach includes applying data and research at initiation, establishing targeted customer engagement through iteration, and integrating strategy across channels.

She possesses dynamic interpersonal skills and cultivates a spirit of excellence in small or large highly matrixed teams.